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[World Knowledge Forum 2017] Endgame: A Hard Debate on North Korean Nuclear Threat

World Knowledge Forum 2017 - Endgame : A Hard Debate on North Korean Nuclear Threat

- Korea Foundation for Advanced Stuides ∙ Maeil Business Newspaper

North Korean nuclear risks are on a roller coaster ride toward a point of no return. While managing security risks in Northeast Asia, international society is facing the grave challenge of forestalling the regime’s ambition to become a nuclear power. Are military options really feasible? Can redeployment of tactical nuclear weapons be a solution for the current quagmire? The view that “going nuclear” will be the ultimate option for ROK in the event of US extended deterrence losing its trust is quickly spreading. Will such a scenario set off a nuclear cascade in the region involving Japan and Taiwan? Another concern is the deepening US-China confrontation over the deployment of THAAD, which may provide another comfort zone for North Korea. Whether or not China continues to implement strong UN economic sanctions on North Korea remains a crucial factor but international society should also closely examine the applicability of sanctions against Iran. The most pressing question still remains: What is the ultimate goal of North Korea and is a breakthrough in negotiations with Pyongyang possible? This session secures top specialists from the United States, China, and ROK for stocktaking on few remaining options against the North’s nuclear threat.

Moderator : In-kook Park (Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies, President)

Gary Samore (Harvard Belfer Center, Executive Director for Research)
Young-kwan Yoon (Professor Emeritus of Seoul National University, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, ROK)
Tuosheng Zhang (China Foundation for International and Strategic Studies, Senior Fellow and Chairman of the Academic Committee)
Bruce Klingner (The Heritage Foundation, Senior Research Fellow for Northeast Asia)
Feng Zhu (Institute of International Studies in Nanjing University, Director)

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