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[TEDxKFAS] Dae-Hyeong Kim "Life-Saving Rapid Antibiotic Test for Fighting Sepsis"


A standard protocol for glucose sensing and diabetes treatment involves with frequent and periodic analysis of the blood glucose level and injection of insulin based on the analysis data. However, the repetitive blood collection procedure and insulin shots are highly painful and stressful. One route to detour these issues is to use the sweat-based non-invasive glucose sensing together with the transdermal feedback drug delivery. Physical barriers in the skin have been overcome by using bioresorbable microneedles, and onboard wearable biosensors have analyzed human sweat to estimate the physiological cues and determine the appropriate drug delivery rate. These technological progresses in advanced diagnosis and therapy using the skin-based biosensing and corresponding controlled transdermal drug delivery will provide new solutions to unmet clinical challenges of chronic diabetes management.




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이전글 [TEDxKFAS] 김대형 "Sweat-Based Glucose Sensing and Transdermal Drug Delivery"