Special Lecture

[TEDxKFAS] Sunghoon Kwon "Life-Saving Rapid Antibiotic Test for Fighting Sepsis"



Every year, 18 million people are suffering from blood stream infection. The mortality rate in 30 days of sepsis is larger than that of stroke or heart attack, quite a surprise. The mortality rate increases by 9% every hour, unless the appropriate antibiotic treatment is given to patients. Prompt prescription of accurate antibiotics is very important to increase survival rate of sepsis and there are clear unmet medical need to expedite antibiotic susceptibility testing. In this talk, I will talk about direct and rapid antimicrobial susceptibility test (dRAST), a new life saving diagnostic test for fast selection of antibiotics for blood stream infection. I will exemplify dRAST as a lifesaving technological innovation that starting from need driven research.


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