Special Lecture

[TEDxKFAS] Han Woong Yeom "Nano Tsunami for Loss-Less Delivery of Information"



As the CPU and memories of mobile phones and personal computers become faster and higher capacity, your phones and computers get hotter and hotter. They consume more and more energy in your battery, dissipated through heat. Charging batteries has become one of the most frustrating parts of our mobile life. This obviously requests the breakthrough in battery or device technology. We need devices, which consuming much less energy for the same information they handle. We are tackling this issue by inventing a whole new way of delivering and operating information in semiconductors. Instead of using a bunch of electrons, whose resistance is the fundamental source of the energy dissipation, we discover a new information carrier, we call chiral soliton, which can deliver and operate quaternary digit information without resistance. This may open a new device technology, which I would like to call solitonics.



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