Special Lecture

[TEDxKFAS] Jiwoong Park "Atomically Thin Circuits for a Technological Revolution in the 21st Century"



Manufacturing of paper, which started two thousand years ago, simplified all aspects of information technology: generation, processing, communication, delivery and storage. Similarly powerful changes have been seen in the past century through the development of integrated circuits based on silicon. In this talk, I will discuss how we can realize these integrated circuits thin and free-standing, just like paper, using two-dimensional materials and how they can impact the modern information technology. Once realized, these atomically thin circuits will be foldable and actuatable, which will further increase the device density and functionality. The fact that these circuits could be realized and function without any substrate will allow them to be used tether-free (or wirelessly) in environments not previously accessible to conventional circuits, such as water, air or in space.


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