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번호 제목 작성일 조회수
24 [TEDxKFAS] 김대형 "Sweat-Based Glucose Sensing and Transdermal Drug Delivery" 2011
23 [TEDxKFAS] 권성훈 "Life-Saving Rapid Antibiotic Test for Fighting Sepsis" 1864
22 [TEDxKFAS] 이진형 "Can We Fix the Brain Like We Fix Electronic Circuits?" 1875
21 [TEDxKFAS] 현택환 "How Nanotechnology Can Help Treatment of Heart Failure" 1822
20 [TEDxKFAS] 염한웅 "Nano Tsunami for Loss-Less Delivery of Information" 1875
19 [TEDxKFAS] 하택집 "Eavesdropping on Molecular Conversations" 1791
18 [TEDxKFAS] 박지웅 "Atomically Thin Circuits for a Technological Revolution in th.. 1375
17 [TEDxKFAS] 박홍근 "'Brain' on a Chip – Toward a Precision Neuroelectronic Inter.. 1349
16 [TEDxKFAS] 정광훈 "Why Do We Need a Better Map to Conquer the Brain?" 1378
15 [TEDxKFAS] 석민구 "The Future of AI is Small" 1310
14 [TEDxKFAS] 이대열 "Brain and Self Intelligence" 1147
13 [TEDxKFAS] 천명우 "Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence Need Each Other" 1118
12 [TEDxKFAS] 정상훈 "Don't Google: Connex!" 2816
11 [TEDxKFAS] 김정현 "The Most Effective Way to Better Society" 2809
10 [TEDxKFAS] 김형수 "Can Nature and Humans Coexist?" 2852
9 [TEDxKFAS] 정재호 "2025: Charting China’s Future" 2726
8 [TEDxKFAS] Gerald Chan "Can China Connect the World by High-Speed Rail?" 2490
7 [TEDxKFAS] Zhang Yunling "Future China: A Peaceful Power?" 2296
6 [TEDxKFAS] Zhu Feng "China’s Domestic Transformation and Global Security Impact.. 2079
5 [TEDxKFAS] 이대열 "유전자와 뇌가 세상을 보는 법" 2529